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What to Expect

There is an outdoor changing area that you are welcome to use. Please use facilities before arriving.


Parents, please drop off your children at the start of the lesson. You are welcome after class to see your child's improvement. I have high expectations for my students. They never disappoint!


Children's Lessons

Ages 2. 5 years to 12 years old

Classes start as early as 2.5 years old (they need to be able to get their face in the water.) 


​I focus on teaching them to float, kick, and make bubbles. Children learn step-by-step breath control, floating, kicking, swimming strokes, and diving. 


Children learn best when watching others, so  I teach in small groups. (4 has proven to be the magic number.) 


Classes are grouped by age & ability.                


They must be able to put their head in the water.


Parent & Tot Lessons

This fun class provides early water exposure to babies and their parents. 


I eliminate a fear of the water for parents and children.  1 or 2 parents are welcome, and/or nannies.


Adult Lessons, Coaching & Triathlon Training

I love working with all comfort & skill levels.

Adult Lessons

I start with the very basics, including overcoming the fear of submerging your full face in water, floating, and becoming a stronger, more assured swimmer. I meet you where you are in your comfort and ability level to make you a more capable and comfortable swimmer!


Coaching & Triathalon Training Strengthening a swimmers breathing is key for endurance. Proper stroke techniques are necessary to be a strong and competitive swimmer. With simple techniques, review of form, tweaking and coaching, you can be the strongest swimmer on the team and in the race

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